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Laws of Nature


by Martin Härtel



Immediately the old 'opinion' must be past



Here central mistakes of the old physics respectively of the old outdated opinion are removed


This is a duty document for every active scientist. Sometimes precognitions are necessary. The physic of the grammar schools is mostly enough. The documents are thought for in general for common teaching and as work for reference.

They are living scripts. They are permanently being in further development. Some are still not ready. The most are on the stand of 2000.



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Errors, corrections and ambitions

Ambition: Correction and Publishing of the nature laws

Responsibility: Martin Härtel

 Department: secretary for laws of nature

A lot of central fundamentals of the old physics are wrong.

So for ex. scales are scaling the weight of material to the gravity of the earth and wrongly showing the result as masse.

The E-M-relation of Einstein is wrong. It offends against the whole systematic of wave-lengths. It misappropriates that at the border of the kernel are placed particles with most different wave-lengths (forces) per unit of masse.

In the astronomy the gravitation is calculated proportional to the masse. By truth the whole universe is build of only plus-minus-structure. Extremely processes of separations and neutralizations of plus- and minus- units are being misappropriated, although exactly that supply the permanent alterations.

Light not only goes to right but also to left round the curve ! (celestial bodies have reversions of force, at their border they are negative, far outside they effect positive.)

Atoms have at its border shells with little particles inside. With the atomic- and molecular- bonds they are overlapping each another narrower or farther. All physical and chemical features are perfectly explainable by these shell systems. In no case electrons drive slalom round more atom kernels for molecular bonds.

Electric stream don't consists of electrons, but billion-times of small minos (4-particles) !


Here we could enumerate page-by-page mistakes of the old physics.

But it is ideal to remove the old opinion at once and to substitute it by unadulterated clear mechanism of effects.

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Low Links lead to the present top stand of 2000 of the science:


I. Particles

* Particles1 ( 94KB ) deal with the basis of the nature (forces, original charges, distances, 3- and 4-particles and nucleons)

* Particles2 ( 163KB ) shows mechanisms to shells of electrons, quants, atom bond, aggregate state and special errors of the old physics.


II. Doctrine

to opinion independent foundations of the nature

* Doctrine - Basis of the nature ( 153KB )

Fundamentals, which are standing above all opinion, for ex. energy conservation, reversions of particles, forces and bodies, shell systems, 4-particles, plus-minus-basis, nucleon bonds by shells (instead of a hot potatoes method)

* Corrected Physics ( KB )

Short collection of central errors of the old physics and their correction


III. Bonds

* Atomic bonds

It shows the bond method by shell systems at the border of atom respectively molecule. Electrons don't drive slalom round more kernels !

* Additional pictures with soft and hard bonds (momentarily not available)

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IV. * Electricity access ( 13 KB )

* Overview ( 13KB )

* Electro1 ( KB )

* Current ( KB )

* Coils ( KB )

* Atomic- and molecular bonds ( KB )

* 0 Kelvin and plus/minus-structure of the earth's atmosphere ( KB )

* Lightnings ( KB )

* Magnets ( KB )

* Waves respectively wave-lengths ( KB )

* External electron shell, difference at 1 or 2 electrons outside ( KB )


* V. * Specials

* Content of specials ( KB )

* ParticleComposition ( KB ) - - * Original charge ( KB )

* Minos ( KB ) - - - * Boiler temperature ( KB )

* Nucleons ( KB - - - * Kg contra N ( KB )

* Physical features / electron shell ( KB )

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* VI. Kernels

* Content of kernels ( 6 KB )

* Kernels1 ( 69 KB )  Kernels2 ( 112 KB )  Kernels and Element2 ( 68 KB )







From here on we have published follow texts only in German language









* VII. Astro

to  Astronomy . ( 31 KB, momentarily in German):

incl. Research area of climate, light and earth history

Plus-minus-astronomy: The old laws of gravitation are only proportional to the masse and therefore wrong (only expanded laws of flee forces). So there are permanent extreme wrong calculations with satellites, comets, and so on

All celestial bodies are in their centre positive and at their border negative. Plus and minus don’t compensate. At their border all are negative. Is there an inside surplus, thus they have a force reversion far away (a lot Lj) and repel each another.

When caught the earth our moon ? What caused coming up the variscic and alpidic mountain ranges ? How much Mill. Years ago the earth reached the maximal toggle angle (seasons) ? Does it reduce only since about 50 Mill. years, after only fishes, birds and cave inhabitants have survived ?



* VIII. Radiates: (momentarily all in German language):

* Radiates (as physical particles, 95KB),

* Heart combat (with frequencies, 4KB),

* Leukaemia (at the border of kernel energy buildings, 56KB),

* Radiology at human beings ( 54KB, momentarily in German ):

Particle radiation of all wave-lengths of clangor, radio, electricity, heat, light, gammas and betas

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Actual projects

Breakdown of the nature laws

Structure of the nature from positive and negative original charges, gravitation as plus- minus-system

Radiation research

Radiates are 4-particles, their wave-length bases on that of internal radii (variable)

Energy technique

low-cost decentralized stream generating for the household, halve price and without encumbrances of the environment

(first learning the nature laws and later energy production without atomic energy for ½ costs of nowadays atomic energy)

Traffic technology (momentarily without publishing)



Response and Copyright © by Martin Haertel, Berlin, Germany 2000

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Relinquishment on unserious scientists

Don’t be afraid of serious universities (which don't hid behind the old wrong opinion)

Formerly the laws of nature were unknown. Scientists had to build up models and had to test and to test and son on.

Always again scientist are coming upon points, at which the old model is wrong.

Last century the physics had fended against better solutions than the old opinion.

Nowadays in 2000 we can be very happy, to find enough departments which are open to the correct laws of nature.

Now to correct and to improve is permitted again.


Every physicist knows a huge large of quantities of physical experiments, which are quite clear and are standing against the old opinion.

Today nobody can ignore this. Formerly it was said:

This is offending against the old opinion. We don't deal with such.

Here the humankind had bad luck for a long time ! But the people cannot keep on such a level for ever time !


Already 500 years ago there were trouble, when new ideas and technologies didn't matched to the opinion of the establishment. Still years ago a lot of scientists were still not better.

500 years ago there was found out, that the earth is circulating round the sun.

1995 Mister Härtel has discovered, why the earth does rotate round the sun.

We have clear plus-minus- constitutions in the astronomy.

Gravitation = Attraction + Repulsion

Still in the last century every astronomer blindly was going from the assumption of the wrong gravitation without plus/minus.

To explain repulsive effects, the big bang was wrongly invented (completely nonsense).

Because there were explained only 95% of the repulsive effects, there was invented the greatest idea of the last century: The space was been bended simply.

This is the same, if there would be bended a straight or there is said, that the earth is a disc instead of a bullet or there is said, that 3 times 5 is 20. Basically the solution is always wrong, if one uses the bending subject.

A lot of universities were still stuck in the past and unending lying.

They are philosophising and philosophising, and so on (above all Physicians in English countries).

The astronautics are fighting with large quantities of mistakes. There they are trying for new. There they are always calling sensational, sensational, and so on. Everybody in this case know, that the old physics has central errors.


It is wonderful that all defects of the old physics can be corrected. Errors are not to accept.


To work through above perfect documents, you will need only less days !

Then you know the basis of the nature, the final of science !


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